How to Share Your Profile

How to share your profile. So, you have content uploaded, your subscription set, you’re all ready to roll… but now what? How do you get your profile out there? Without sharing your link, people won’t find you. So, here are some top tips!

1. Go to your profile! This can be found by click the right hand “hamburger menu” then clicking your username at the top. You’re now on your “Feed”.

2. Copy your URL, or your “address”. This is the thing at the top of your browser window (our format is:

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3. Paste it EVERYWHERE! And we mean everywhere. Snapchat, Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Tiktok – the list goes on! The more people who see your link, the more chance of gaining fans.

Once you start advertising, people will start visiting your page. Don’t be disheartened if people don’t subscribe to you right away. It can take time. These “overnight success stories” you hear from other sites are very, very few and far between – they just get publicity.

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We are happy to help share your link to get your name out there. We want you to do well.

So, get in touch, and let’s get you promoted – for free.

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