Is Fan-Topia Safe?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and it is a very valid one! So here are some points as to why it is more safe to use our platform than some others.

1. Size

Sometimes size does matter. If you look towards some of the bigger platforms, they actually have what’s called “plugins” or “extensions” that make it super easy to download and save the creators content. A quick search will reveal many of these. Due to us being a slightly smaller site, these extensions don’t exist. People haven’t made them. So your content is actually safer with us.

2. Sensitive Data

We don’t keep any on our servers. No credit card details, no verification docs, nothing. The only thing that is there is what’s in your profile and your content. We aim to keep you as a creator as safe as possible. We recognize that without you, the creator, the site wouldn’t exist.

3. Security and Privacy

We aim to keep creators and your content as safe as possible. If you have a problem with a fan, you can block them by going to their profile. If the problem persists, you contact our team and we will investigate and take appropriate action – whether that be banning them from the site, or contacting the appropriate authorities. We will not however do anything without your permission prior – but we will work with you to resolve the issue.

4. Personal Information

This one is more up to you, that you don’t give it out. We will never give it out, or refer to users by anything other than their usernames. Be safe, be careful, but enjoy yourself!