Fan-Topia: A New Digital Space for DJs to release new tracks

The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the nations and industries have seen their business dip and have suffered losses. The live music and paced club is no exception but DJs now moving to online platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook as a way of staying connected to audience even if it isn’t always monetized.

A number of musicians jumped to Content Subscription Platform such as OnlyFans or FAN-TOPIA. OnlyFans already overloaded with lots of musician, so, we have seen a trend towards adoption of new platform, “Fan-Topia” with the reason of low processing fee (20% on Onlyfans and only 5% with Fan-Topia, so you get paid more) and large number of subscribers. And this isn’t to mention that other platofrms can be seen mainly for their “adult content”.

Fan-Topia is coming out as better and viable earning option in pandemic and economic uncertainty.

Take lockdown as the excellent time for musicians to experiment with new creative ideas, upload on Fan-Topia and increase your fans. You can also share tips and tricks to your subscribers.

To monetize you can also share video to subscribers who are interested in learning. Making this will give your audience a personalized feel and can send you hearts as they will enjoy themselves.

Don’t be afraid to create digital performances that can bring in an even larger audience.