Things to Watch Out For: Instagram Addition

When it comes to marketing yourself, there are a few things to watch out for. We thought we would make this simple list so that you’re aware, and don’t fall into any situations that risk your account being banned, or you being scammed – so here we go!

1. Nudity

This one might seem pretty self explanatory – and it is somewhat. When posting, be sure to to break any sites terms with the content you’re posting. Instagram has some pretty odd lines that seem to shift person to person. Some can post booty pics, some get deleted – some can post see through tops, some get banned. We recommend to post with caution. Tease, show a little, but keep it PG. Let the imagination do all the heavy lifting.

2. Hashtags

There are good and bad hashtags to use. Remember, if your account is set to private, hashtags don’t really matter – People aren’t going to find you with them. There is also a list of hashtags that can get your post flagged and deleted. For a known list, please see here. This list may or may not be 100% accurate, but you get the idea.

3. Scammers

Some of these are easy to spot, and others a little more tricky. One of the more obvious ones is “bots”. These are accounts that are automated. They are super easy to spot, and tend to comment and message you multiple times within seconds of posting. These are tracking hashtags, and when a new post with the matching hashtag comes up, they hit. A lot of them offer “promotions across their millions strong network” and want you to pay for exposure. Don’t. If you want someone to promote you, look at their posts and their engagement. Lots of followers doesn’t mean anything if no one engages with the content.

A slightly more tricky one to spot is an example of “Vivienne Dufort” – they message and post giving you a special 100% discount, as long as you pay for shipping and then tag them – sounds good right? Except for the fact you have to pay around $75 for shipping – for clothing…

Just always take DM’s and messages with a grain of salt.

We hope this helps, stay safe – and until next time, happy creating!