What To Do When Starting Out.

Starting out can be pretty tough – whether you’re completely new to selling content, or been selling on another site – starting is tough!

However, we want to help as much as we can! So, here are some tips that Fan-Topia thinks might make starting out a bit easier:

  • Social Media.
    This might sound obvious, but it can be a little tricky. We have some creators who don’t want their friends or family to know what they are doing – and fair enough. It’s your content, you decide who you want finding it!
    So what we recommend is making a new Insta, Twitter, and Reddit account – this is only one to be associated with your content selling.
    Be sure to follow us on Insta, Twitter and Reddit – we follow back and help with engagement!
  • Follow and sfs.
    Again, this one is pretty obvious – but a must do. Find a few people who also sell content, follow them and start to build a following of your own. SFS is a great way to rapidly build your audience. Post teasers of your content (not your actual content!)
  • Make sure your profile link is in your bio!
    That is, (on Insta especially) there is a special section for your “website” – put your profile in there. That means people can go to your profile with just one click – the easier it is for people to find you, the better.
  • Be active.
    Keep posting content. While you may not see people subscribe right away, keep going. People visiting can see how many posts you have up (as a way of being transparent), so make sure that number keeps growing, so someone vesting back can see you’re active.
  • Ask us for help.
    We are here to try and help you sell your content – if you need more help, or feel a little overwhelmed by things, let us know! There are many paths we can take to help you out with making sure you have the best income from your content as possible.

Don’t expect overnight success. Keep posting, keep letting people know you’re here. Also, do keep in mind, no matter what a company tells you, their site will not increase your subscribers if you’re not doing the above. We have had chats with creators who say another site has promised they will get more fans – but the fans cannot find you unless you advertise – so be sure to advertise and earn as much as you can with our high payout structure!