Who is Fan-Topia?

You might be here on our blog trying to see who we are, and what we are about. So here it is!

Over our years in business, we have known many creators – some small, some large. We found that while some large creators were able to profit off their content easily, some had a real struggle with making ends meet. They get to this “If I could put more time into it, I could make more money and quit my job, but I need my job to keep paying rent”. That’s where we wanted to try and help.

A lot of creator platforms take a huge amount of the cut and claim it to be to cover credit card fees, server upkeep etc – but you don’t actually know where it goes! We aim to be as transparent as possible – and give as much to the creator as possible.

We pay out 95% of received funds. Received funds is that amount after credit card fees – this isn’t something we can control, and you do have the option to pop that fee onto your subscription amount. We will constantly be searching for providers that allow as minimal fees as possible to continue to give our creators the largest payouts we can.

This platform is about giving creators as much power and as much income from their content as possible.

We want to work with creators to promote them and get their content to the most wide audience possible. That is why we allow “public” and “subscriber” content. Think of your public content as teasers, or samples to entice your fans in. It saves having to have multiple accounts to try and manage, and localizes it all into one.

One thing you will see we do not currently offer is promotions for people to sign up to you. This is a conscious effort. What we have found with talking to subscribes, is that if they see a promotion go up for you to try get new subscribers, they are paying more already, have been loyal, and then these new subscribers get all your content for less – it tends to make them feel unappreciated and sometimes end their subscription.

If there are any features missing that you would like, please do let us know and we can investigate that.