Why Aren’t I Getting Fans?

This is one of the biggest frustrations of creators is Why aren’t you getting fans You hear about all these records being set, and people earning $10,000’s per week – but you’re struggling to get fans… Why?! Don’t worry; you’re still gorgeous! That is NOT the reason – here are some of the most common reasons people have trouble with gaining fans.

1. Advertising

Now, we don’t mean paying for advertising – that can be very costly (and please oh please do NOT pay accounts on Instagram to promote you unless you are 100% sure about their validity and engagement ratio). There are loads of free ways to advertise yourself – but if you don’t advertise, no one will know you’re here! The internet is a very big place, and it is easy to get lost – so don’t make that mistake.

You can use Instagram, Facebook Groups, Reddit, Tinder, Bumble, Twitter etc. to promote yourself and let people know how to find you (just copy and paste your profile link). Try and find groups that fit with what you’re selling and your content. If you’re posting about a hike you went on, don’t post it to a food group – post what fits with you and your content.

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2. Not Engaging

One thing we see a lot of as well, is people just putting up content here and there but never actually engaging with fans. This is what sets you apart. People want to see you’re real, that you talk, that you’re “next door”. This is why people pay to see content – there is so much free stuff out there, so why would they pay to see yours? Because YOU’RE YOU! Show some of your quirky side, show that you’re human, show that you care – and in turn, fans will care too.

3. Mismatching Links

This one is massively common. We see people use the likes of linktr.ee and advertise their links – this is great. But we also see people miss updating this list – or encouraging people to sign up on other sites. Remember, Fan-Topia offers one of the highest payouts of a premium social media platform – you should be trying to get ALL your fans here to maximise your earning. If you leave us off your list, or dump your link at the bottom, people aren’t going to find you here. You’re throwing away money.

4. Not Being Active

This is too common as well. We see people put up 2 posts, ask for a $15/m fee, not advertise themselves, and then email us to complain that no one is subscribing. That’s not what we are about. Fans want value. 2 posts translates too “I am new here” or “I don’t have a track record of being consistent” – neither of which fills fans with confidence.

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On some other platforms they have a “top xx%” – do you know how this is worked out? It isn’t from earning or fans – it is related to how active they are with posting. You HAVE to be active and posting – then people will see the value and they will subscribe. Also, don’t set your sub value too high to begin with. This isn’t to say “you’re not worth it” you totally are! But fans needs proof and value.

We hope this helps, and if you have any questions or concerns, please do reach out.

Until next time!