5 Helpful Tips to Getting Started

One of the hardest things when it comes to selling your content and creations is getting started. How do you get fans and subscribers when you don’t have too much content? Fear not, here are some simple steps you can follow in order to get subscribers, and get an income stream coming in.

1. Create Content

This might seem like a no brainer – but it’s true. The best thing to do first up is create some content and get it uploaded. If a potential fan comes along and they see little or no content, they aren’t as likely to subscribe.

2. Create Some Teaser Content

As you will see when you go to post, you can either set it to your fans, or general public. We recommend you have some content that you have showing for the public – this means they can come along, discover you and see/hear some of your content – which in turn will make them wish to sign up.

3. Set Your Subscription Level Right

One thing we see a lot of is people charging a very high subscription value when they are just starting out. Remember, your fans need to be able to see the value in which your providing. If you have a super high dollar value, but they don’t see you have much content, chances are they won’t fork out. You can always adjust your subscription value later

4. Promote Yourself

Twitter, Instagram, TikTok – whatever you wish, promote yourself and let as many people know your profile link as possible! A lot of people think that if you’re online, you will get found. While this is true for some, for others it takes getting people to know about it! You can’t sell a secret!

5. Stability

You have your first fan, and another one, and another one, but how do you keep them? What would keep you? Content. Keep producing it, and keep putting it out there! You don’t have to go too crazy about it (don’t get burn out!), but remember, your fans need to see value in their subscription.

Hopefully these easy to follow tips can get you well on your way. The two basics are – content, broadcast. Let people know you’re here!