Can Platforms Take on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a beast – it’s huge. It has millions of dollars at its disposal for advertising, or for bribes (see the details here) – and then you also have the creators on OnlyFans, do they want more or for change? It would appear some do, but then the majority seem to forgive and forget the prior nightmares OnlyFans put them through (yes, we are taking about that 48-72 hour period where they were banning sex workers (SW) from their platform).

So, why are creators and the platform surging ahead, and can other platforms ever hope to take them on?


Protecting Their Share

Of course OnlyFans wants to protect what is theirs and see their profits increase, not decrease – that’s the goal of every business right? But what lengths are they willing to go to in order to do so? It appears quite far. In our introduction we mentioned about the stifling of competition – of course they don’t want competition, it means they don’t have to try very hard or keep their customers happy as there isn’t any other choice.  OnlyFans is being accused of bribing high up META execs to blacklist competitors creators to stop them getting traffic so they feel like the platform they are on (the competition) is failing them – when actually it isn’t.

Also, does OnlyFans actually care about their adult industry creators? It appears not. In October of 2021 they were going to ban them from the platform – how or why they didn’t realize how much money they were going to lose from this boggles the mind, but after 48072 hours they realized they had to allow it, so “suspended” (not cancelled) the decision. They only care about their SW creators for their profit. This can also be seen by the fact that they are willing to hurt creator’s incomes on other platforms just to try get them to come to OnlyFans – a pretty dirty business tactic and not very ethical – but this isn’t the first time the OnlyFans owner has been unethical.


Creators and Their “Loyalty”

Creators have an overwhelming loyalty for OnlyFans and generally won’t consider any other platform – or follow their platforms lead and claim the website is a scam. We have had this accused of us more than once simply because we pay out a higher amount than OnlyFans.

But do creators want a better option even over their loyalty?

It turns out they do – but at a cost.

Creators want a better site (better being subjective, but at the time of writing this, OnlyFans is encountering a lot of technical issues) but they want traffic. Traffic is at the forefront of creator’s minds, which is why we have written articles on it. However, here in lies the problem. Creators drive traffic (not the platform). So without creators, traffic doesn’t arrive (no content, right?) – but creators want traffic before they move… we are sure you can spot the problem here. It’s like having a brand new empty store, but no brands want to have anything on the shelves unless there is a queue of buyers waiting to view the empty shelves. Not to mention, these buyers aren’t exactly sure what will be on the shelves, but they are lined up anyway. Once lined up, and only then, will the shelves be stocked – this would never happen in a million years. So the reason given by creators to not move will never be satisfied.

Creators want something that they themselves create, but for some reason creators sell themselves short and credit this traffic to the platform, not their hard work on promoting themselves.

We cannot put enough emphasis that last point – creators are crediting their hard work to the platform, not their own time, energy and at times their mental well-being. OnlyFans has somehow convinced creators that THEY generate the traffic, not the creator actually doing all the work.

So, can other platforms really take OnlyFans on? Yes, they absolutely can. However, creators need to take credit for their own hard work and recognize that their traffic comes from them and their advertising, not the platform itself. Creators should find a platform that pays more, and actually cares about the creators – not simply about profit (higher payout to the creator already means less profit to the company).

We encourage you to join Fan-Topia and experience the difference of the support team that actually wants to see you do well and happy to pay you more for your hard work.