Save Time – Don’t Be Scammed!

One thing that is prevalent on the internet these days is scamming. Either from people blatantly ripping others off, or by just trying to get a little something for free.

One of the things we do on Fan-Topia is use PayPal to process payments. You might think “oh, well, I have a PayPal, so therefor let’s cut the site out and get paid directly” – and here are a few reasons why that’s a bad idea.

  1. Personal information. When you get paid directly, certain personal information is available through the transaction. Going through Fan-Topia stops that, as we act as a protective barrier.
  2. Some people use payment methods that display as “pending” and then never actually complete. Our systems are set up so that those “pending payments” aren’t ever displayed as paid, nor do they get access to your content without it being paid.
  3. Cutting the site out means we don’t make money – we already payout 95%, so don’t have much skin in the game as it is – but cutting it down to nothing means we can’t keep the site up-to-date, secure, modern and easy to use.

We want to help creators make as much from their content as we possibly can, all while protecting them, their security and their content.

If you’re ever worried about a user, or thinking they are up to no good – let us know and we can investigate and take appropriate action.