Top Platforms to Sell Content in 2023

If there is one piece of advice any business expert will give you, it’s that you should never have all of your peas in the same pod. Ideally, you should diversify your earnings as much as possible. So how can you do that as a content creator? By selling your content on different platforms. Let’s have a look at the industry’s leaders and how they can help you make extra money.

1.  Fan-Topia

We may be biased, but Fan-Topia will certainly be one of the best platforms to sell your content in 2023. The reason behind this is the fact we have one of the largest pay-outs of any platform. By selling your content on Fan-Topia, you’ll get 92.5% of your earnings. Not too shabby, right? When you combine that with an option to get paid as often as you like, you get the perfect content creation platform!

Moreover, we know that becoming a content creator can seem overwhelming at first, and that’s why we’ve made it as easy as possible for you to promote yourself as well as a dedicated team to help you find your way and maximise your earnings!

2.  Patreon

Among the most popular platforms to sell content in 2023 will undoubtedly be Patreon. One of the biggest advantages of the subscription-bastion-based platform is that it offers excellent fees for all content creators. Depending on your work, Patreon will take 5 to 12% of your earnings, which is pretty good compared to OnlyFans.

The downside is that you can only cash out one time per month. If you wish to put your money to use, you may not always have the option to do it.

Still, the fact it allows content creators to lock posts similarly to OnlyFans, makes it one of our favorites.

3.  Fancentro

Another subscription-based platform you should look out for is Fancentro. While it’s more focused on adult film performers, it’s also a great option for influencers who create other kinds of content. What’s good, there’s only a two-week hold on payouts. That, however, comes with a twist. Fancentro charges a commission of 25%, which is quite high.

If you are just starting out in content creation, Fancentro can be useful, especially because it offers a ‘school’ that teaches how to produce higher-quality content.

4.  BuyMeACoffee

Many influencers and content creators choose to offer their work on BuyMeACoffee. Since the platform prohibits explicit content, it is more popular among musicians, YouTubers, programmers, writers, and nonprofits.

Keep in mind, BuyMeACoffee works a bit differently than other sites. There, your content won’t be behind a paywall. Instead, it will be available for free, and your fans will be expected to give you ‘donations’ (or coffee).

An advantage of the platform is that you get your money instantly, and the transaction fee is only 5%. The downside is that your fans can only purchase a fixed number of ‘coffees’.

5.  OnlyFans

Of course, our list wouldn’t be complete without OnlyFans. The private social media platform works on a subscription-based model and allows you to post all kinds of content. Audio, photos, videos, live streams – you name it! In the past few years, however, OnlyFans has experienced backlash, especially for their attempt to ban adult content.

Compared to other platforms on the market, OnlyFans is also more expensive to work with. It takes 20% of all of your earnings – and there are plenty of reports of messaging not working, random bans etc. be sure to check reviews and the likes before joining and make your own mind up.

End notes

According to market predictions, content creation will become even more popular as consumers seek authentic brands and content. Now is the best moment for you to join in on all the fun! Visit our blog to get more tips and tricks on where to begin.