Best Type Of Kinks | All Types Of Kinks And Fetish List in 2022

Type of Kinks Explained

Whether you are aware of it or not, Type of kinks and fetishes play a huge role when it comes to mainstream sexuality. A kink can be defined as an unconventional taste when it comes to sexual behavior. Thus, a kink is anything that goes beyond the strict norms of vanilla sex. It is an act from where you derive sexual pleasure but is not your usual run-of-the-mill interaction kind of act. There are many different type of kinks that can mean a lot of different things, including using sex toys such as a handcuff, butt plug, or even a leather flogger.

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However, a fetish is a bit different than a kink. A fetish can be described as a huge amount of interest in a non-sexual body part, an object, or a person. Thus while a kink is something that turns you on, a fetish is something that you need in order to get turned on.

For instance, if someone has a foot fetish, this means that the person needs to receive or give some sort of simulation on the foot to reach an orgasm. Keep in mind, whether you have a kink, a fetish, or enjoy simple vanilla sex, the key element to enjoying sex is the same – consent. As long as everything is consensual, there is nothing wrong when it comes to sex.

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Role Play 

Type of kinks

One of the most common type of kinks, role-playing involves playing the role of a character that is different from the person who you are, usually as a part of a sex scene set. For instance, you can play the boss of your partner, or your favorite TV character, or come up with an entire scenario filled with your own imagination. Ask yourself who you would want to be? And enjoy!

Age Play 

age-play-type of kinks

Age play can be described as a form of role-playing where one or both the partners act to be an age that is different from their original age. A common example is the daddy and baby girl setup, where the daddy plays a more dominant kind of figure whereas the babygirl is the more submissive one. The partners may consider dressing up as the characters or acting like the character that they are playing.



Bondage is basically a form of restraint. Yet again a pretty common type of kinks, this sex act falls under the broad umbrella of the BDSM category, which is an acronym for “bondage, discipline, dominance and submission, sadism and masochism”. Some people like being tied up while having sex (playing the submissive role), while others may enjoy tying their partners up (playing the dominant role). This sexual act also typically includes the use of sex toys such as handcuffs and ropes, or a simple, tie or scarf to tie the partner’s arms.

Objectification Type of Kinks

Objectification can fall into the category of both kink as well as a fetish and basically means getting aroused by being dehumanized. For instance, you may want to be used like a sex doll or a sex object rather than a human being. However, it must be noted that it is different than having an object type of kinks, which includes people being attracted to inanimate objects and having sexual relationships with so.

Pregnancy Fetish 

Pregnancy Fetish 

It is what the name suggests for itself – a pregnancy fetish consists of having a sexual attraction to some aspects of pregnancy. While for some it might be the round belly, for other people it can also be the lactation aspect, where the person gets turned on by the milk itself or the actual act of breastfeeding.


When it comes to the sexual aspect, exhibitionism can be described as a sexual kink where the person feels sexually aroused by the idea or the reality of being publicly viewed while they are naked or in between a sexual act. To be more specific, if you feel sexually aroused by the idea of someone watching you while you are changing clothes or while you are masturbating, you might be into this type of kinks.


Speaking in traditional terms, cuckolding is when both the partners in a heterosexual couple get turned on by the fact that the female is having sexual relationships with a different male partner. In this type of kinks, both the partners feel aroused by the sense of humiliation that comes with the fact that the woman is sleeping with a different man. In this scene, the male partner does not even need to be present, he can get turned on simply by the thought of his partner having sex with someone else.


One of the most common type of kinks, dominance stands for the D in BDSM. It is all about a consensual power exchange scenario where the dominant partner enjoys the power in taking control, whereas the submissive partner lets them dominate them. It is very important to take note, that consent of both the partners is equally important in this kink.

Foot Fetish 

different type of kinks

Yet again a rather common kink, especially amongst heterosexual men, foot fetish involves getting turned on by feet – simply thinking about feet, seeing them, and touching them can potentially make the person get off. Often time, the person gets engaged in some kind of foot worship which involves treating their partner’s foot like a holy object – they massage, kiss and caress the foot.

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In this type of kinks involves using some sort of electricity, that is getting some sort of electric shock in order to have some sexy fun. Needless to say, this kink is rather a dangerous one, so many people prefer to begin electrostimulation with another type of kink called edge play. Edge pay refers to the BDSM behavior that can be considered dangerous, running the potential of actually causing bodily harm to the partner. In this kink, typically a domme shocks the genital area of the sub by rigging them to electrical power, typically an electric wand. This stimulates the nerve areas of the sub, thus giving them orgasmic pleasure.


Gagging refers to getting chocked lightly by your partner until you make gagging sounds. Often it is the male partner who gets off to the sound of their partner gagging, by the knowledge that they are big enough to make their partner gag. Likewise, the submissive partner may enjoy the dizzy sensation that comes with the choking or the feeling of having something thrust down your throat to the point that you are gagging.


Not every BDSM act needs to be sexual. Using intense language can also work as a force that is just as intense, if not more, as a consensually degrading physical sensation. For instance, you can use name calling or verbal abuse as a form of humiliation. In a typical scenario, a woman may get turned on by getting called derogatory names such as bitch or whore, whereas the man enjoys getting called names such as a pig or sex slave.

Final Word on Type of Kinks

Having sex is all about the physical fun, comfort, and pleasure of both partners. No matter what type of kink or fetish you are into, always remember that you must have thorough communication, enthusiasm, and continuous consent from your partner. So what is your favorite type of kinks