How Much Can You Make With Content Creation in Late 2022?

As 2022 comes to a close, and the world is having a bit of a wobbly time with economies, how much can you realistically earn from selling content in late 2022 – and what’s involved?

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TL:DR version: Onlyfans: $150 per month average, Fan-Topia: $1,525 per month on average.

One of the most commonly asked questions at the moment is “how do I get fans?” – if you’re wondering this yourself, this post might help as well as put into perspective earning amounts.

Let’s start with when there was a huge boom in the market for content creation – 2020. This is when countries closed down and most countries went into some form of lockdown. This meant people were working from home, and also had a lot more time spare. Compare that to our current situation – people are back at work, traveling, and for a lot of countries, are going through a bit of an economic downturn (a lot caused by the Russia/Ukraine war). So in short, people don’t have as much spare cash around anymore.

Then we look at the boom of creators who have entered the industry due to seeing how much some celebrity creators make – thinking it will be quick and easy money in large amounts. This simply isn’t the case for 99% of creators.

The average monthly earning on OnlyFans is $150 (October 2022) and they will take 20% of your earnings. The average income on Fan-Topia is $1,525 per month for active creators, and we payout 92.5% of received funds – but how do you get there? The answer is: post and advertise.

What a lot of new creators don’t understand is that 90% of the work you will do with creation is advertising – not actually making the content, that’s the easy bit (and hopefully the fun bit)! You need to make content, post it, then promote it. It’s your own business, get the word out about it. Reddit, Twitter, Instagram – wherever you can. This is why we see a larger earning on Fan-Topia, our creators understand this, and we also help them with the process with our “Content Creator Success Team” (which is free by the way!).

So in summary – Fan-Topia creators are earning more on average than over at the competition, creating and posting content is about 10% of the work needed – the other 90% is all advertising (which we can help with).

Until next time, stay safe, stay sexy, stay awesome.