Why Fan-Topia Doesn’t Use a “Top Creator” Status.

3min read.

As you’re most likely aware, the largest platform in the industry (OnlyFans) uses a “Top Creator Status” (if you haven’t seen it, or not sure what we mean, it’s the “Top 1% of creators” you see being self advertised) which creators absolutely seem to love. But is it worth all the hype? In this post we will explore: what is the top creator program, what it means, do fans care, and why we don’t offer the same.

1. What is the Top Creator Program?

This is a bit tough to answer as no one out there is 100% sure. What we are sure on though is that it has nothing to do with how much a creator is earning. So if it isn’t about money, what is it about? From our findings it looks to be all about “likes” on posts. We have found groups for creators asking for “SFS from OF creators ONLY” – which struck us as a little bit odd – wouldn’t you want shout outs from anyone? Broader market, more reach, more fans, right? But here is the missing key – for payment for the SFS, you had to go through and like all their posts (by the way, you had to be subscribed to do this as well).

2. What Does it Mean?

Now we start to get into the darker side of this program a little bit. So, let’s say you agree to do a SFS, you then have to subscribe (they have now earned off you) and you then have to like all their posts, effectively driving up there percentage – what we then noted was creators were then offering coaching programs through their referral link, or having you sign up through their link for promise of a shout out (again, after liking all their posts). This structure might look a little familiar – that of MLM (multi-level marketing).

3. Do Fans Care?

The short answer to this is – no. Fans see every other creator saying they are in some top percentage bracket, they have become numb to it at best, and at worst, skeptical because everyone seems to be in the top x% – which basic math tells you just isn’t possible. When it comes to marketing yourself as a creator, things that matter to you, may not matter to your fans – and this is one of those things. Being in a percentage bracket might make you feel amazing, but this isn’t a reason why fans will subscribe to you. Sadly, so many other creators have lied about it that it might actually even damage your reputation.

4. Why doesn’t Fan-Topia Offer This Program?

Fan-Topia was founded to give creators more control over their content and earn more. Part of giving more control to creators was to try and help their mental health. As we all know, mental health in the industry is pretty bad – so why make it worse? We do not measure users against each other, or display full stats at the tops of profiles.

Each and every person is their own self – having the site measure people against each other simply isn’t fair or kind to anyone involved – especially if those things being measured can be so easily manipulated and falsified like in our example above. While you should be proud if you reach a top ranking in a legitimate way, we do not believe it is a healthy, safe or reliable feature to have present on such a platform.

Until next time!