How to Promote Your Fan-Topia Account | 5 Best Ways

So, you’ve just started a Fan-Topia account and you would like more fans to subscribe to your page. Alternatively, you might be a seasoned creator looking to take your profile to the next level. Wherever you are on your content creation journey, we’ve put together five ways to promote your Fan-Topia account, gain fans and get your page where you want it to be.


How to promote your Fan-Topia Account

Social media

Cross-promoting your Fan-Topia account across your other social media channels is a really easy and simple way to bring attention (and more viewers) to your page. If you’ve built up a loyal following on a social media platform, it stands to reason that a proportion of your fans will be interested in following you on Fan-Topia as well. You can post your link in the copy or body of your content, add it in your bio or include it on your landing page.

Low fans on Fan-topia.

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Forums and websites

When promoting your Fan-Topia account, social media is not the only option. Many creators have found success by promoting their accounts on forums or discussion sites such as Reddit. This can even work better than more general social media platforms, because forums tend to be categorised by interest, allowing you to find the exact niche that fits your content. You may be able to find some highly interested and dedicated fans this way, as opposed to social media platforms where audiences numbers tend to be large but broad. Just remember to read the forum rules, as some of these online spaces have limitations on self-promotion.

Websites and newsletters

If you have a personal website or blog, you can add your Fan-Topia link there too. Many influencers use Fan-Topia like a fan club for the dedicated followers who want more exclusive content and interaction, so it makes sense to advertise your account on your site if you have one. In recent years, there has been a rise in writers and influencers creating bespoke newsletters using platforms like Mailchimp and Substack. Amongst marketers, the data shows that email marketing frequently outperforms other marketing tools. Email can be very engaging and personal, and if someone is faithfully reading your newsletter they might dig your Fan-Topia account too. If you have a newsletter or a mailing list, don’t neglect using this valuable resource to promote your Fan-Topia.



Collaborating with another Fan-Topia creator is a great way to grow both of your accounts. You can collaborate by creating posts and videos together for your respective Fan-Topia feeds. If you have a friend who makes content that’s similar to yours, chances are their fans will like your content too. Equally, if you have a friend whose content is a little different to yours, their true fans may be more likely to subscribe to your page if they hear about it from a trusted source. They will be happy that the collaboration introduced them to a new kind of content. As well as the possibility of new fans, collaborative content is often fresh, fun and engaging. Cross-collaborating on the platform really can be a win-win for everyone involved. 

More ways to promote your Fan-Topia account

There are as many ways to promote your Fan-Topia account as there are Fan-Topia creators, and everyone should try and find a path to success that works for them.