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How to sell private content | Top Websites

Are you into video making? Do you create content that is worth people’s attention? Do you wish you had a platform to showcase your content? Guess what, you are at the right place. The blog is going to help you understand how to capitalize your content.


There is no denying numerous people are selling out their pictures online, but now with the world moving ahead- it is time you expand your approach. Long gone are the days when people used to read books, today, the world is solely about streaming videos.

Now streaming videos is a massive industry, growing perpetually. Think about the video options and content creators you see every time you browse through the internet. Do you know what is familiar with all those videos? Most of the best-watched videos are of high quality. If you wish to create a viral video, you must ask yourself these three questions-

  1. Who are the potential watchers?
  2. What tools do you exactly need to make your content stand out from the crowd?
  3. Which can be the platform that will offer you the best posting choices?

The moment you find the answers to all these questions, you will end up with a video that will gain mass attention.

Are you looking for Onlyfans alternative

If you are passionate about selling your videos, you must unearth the best ways to sell private content online. Following are some of the places you can sell content.

  1. Fan-Topia- Fan-Topia is in another latest platform snatching all the charm away. It is here in the industry to offer the creators an option to create any content online. The sole focus of Fan-Topia is not to provide the creators the choice to spread the content while they make good money- it grants them the security of their content. Via Fan-Topia is a content posting platform that will help creators receive 92.5% of the received funds.


  1. IsMyGirl- IsMyGirls permits all its models to turn the followers into subscribers. The Fanclub subscriptions become the primary source of income on IsMyGirl. But, it is not the only source of income. IsMyGirl pays the creator 80% of the revenue generated by their content, making it one of the highest paying networks. The payments are on the days 1st and 15th.


  1. ManyVids- ManyVids is a community full of diversified and creative adults. It offers the users permission to live stream, video hosting and gets celebrated as a one-stop solution for all your fans. The creators can spot anything and everything here, including- cooking shows, vlogs, workout tutorials, unboxing vids, original music. All you got to do is upload, sell, share and celebrate with the world.


  1. JustForFans- The creators start by creating a profile on JustForFans. Under the next step- they get to establish the pricing. The moment your profile goes a little viral, apart from fame, you get the freedom to increase your chances of getting tips, too. You can even promote your videos on Twitter to bring in external viewers, or connect with other online creators. JustForFans is a platform where you get to connect with other creators and establish relationships. It even gives you the freedom to do “Shoutouts” to cross-promote your content.


  1. Fans- It gets celebrated as a separate social network, but the creators here are adults. It runs as a subscription website, and the creators get the freedom to share videos, photos customized content. In terms of money- you receive 75% on recommendations, 80% on special media, and 99% on rewards.

Are there alternatives of OnlyFans

Now you know, all you got to do is recognize your niche and plan your content accordingly. There are various platforms available in the market- which will allow you permission to upload, share, and monetize your videos.

We have mentioned some of the above. But trust us, there is an entire unearthed list of video monetization platforms left for you to explore. Our suggestion to the readers will always be that they pick a provider that specializes.

Before you decide to commit to one particular platform, you must check the payout structure of every possible platform. Ultimately, your pay expectations must match with the services of the online platform. In the end, we suggest keeping it real while choosing the most marketable content style and the right platform!

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