Protecting your fan content

Protecting Your Fan Content Is Simple, Read To Know How!

Being in the industry for a long time now, Fan-Topia precisely knows a lot about content posting. Our observation and years of industry experience state that- there is always a risk when you decide to post content on the internet. Yes, that is right.

The moment you post content online on a website behind some form of paywall or subscription- someone can take it for real and pass it on to either themselves or fans who are not paying. It is nothing but cheating you out of money.

But, guess what? Numerous ways can help you in protecting your fan content. But, first, you must understand that harming your content or utilizing your content without your permission is IP infringement, and you must take it seriously. For the ones wondering what exactly is IP infringement, continue reading to unearth more!

What Does IP Infringement Mean?

how to protect fan content

Let us help you understand the in-depth meaning of IP infringement. It is when someone takes an intellectual property (IP) that you own and utilizes it in a disagree manner. For example, it is a situation where someone takes your private photos and videos and shares them on another website without your consent.

You are trying to utilize your content to make money; they are infringing on your IP because they weaken your ability. At times, these people may even be charging for your content.

There is no denying that IP infringement is generally not a crime that comes with a penalty. Although, you get entitled to pursue legal action to have your content removed from websites where you do not want it to get displayed. The moment the person who stole your content refuses to remove it, could they face legal ramifications.

Does Fan-Topia Protect Your Content?

When we say that we value you, your time, and your efforts, we mean it, and therefore- Fan-Topia claims to have all the resources and technology to help prevent any harm to the content and creators. We give creators across the world the opportunity to not give up. You know a feeling where they won’t solely accept that the moment they become famous, someone will steal their content and post it anywhere and everywhere.

We understand that online content platforms offer you the freedom to follow your passion while making money, and we won’t security become a hindrance to it. Fan-Topia understands that not every other subscription site can offer this tech in the first place, but we are here to make things easier for creators.

Fan-Topia takes security and personal information before anything else in this world. At Fan-Topia, we have always believed that apart from offering a platform, it is essential that we provide our creators a place to conveniently promote their content while maximizing the earning and security of their content.

So, today, we are here with this blog to help you understand how few tips will teach you what to do if your content gets stolen from any provider.

Tips For Protecting Your Fan Content By Fan-Topia!

  • First and foremost in the list of information comes the responsibility to check the platform or site’s content protection terms and conditions. There is no denying that every other website available on the internet today has policies in place to help protect your content. So make sure you read up on them.

Fan-Topia understands that people utilize the internet as an asset for their vandalism, and we try our best to make it a safe space for our users. Hence, if someone tries to make a fake account via your images, we immediately take it down. At Fan-Topia, we will take 100% care of your content, but if someone takes your content and puts it on the web, it is your responsibility to report it.

  • Secondly, on your part, it is nothing but essential that you stay tuned with a trustable IP infringement organization. If someone steals your content and post or spreads them without your concern- you must connect with reliable people and companies. It is the only most straightforward way to protect your content. Someone who specializes in intellectual property infringement will provide you with the most active and best solutions.

At Fan-Topia, we have a support system that takes pride in its beautiful services, and any time of the day, you can connect with our experts. These experts will help you figure out with appropriate solution if you have problems. In addition, we have a team of social media experts who are familiar with the laws on IP infringement inside-out. The experts will not only get the content removed, but they will also likely involve heavy fines or even jail time. However, connecting with the experts will get your content back, safe, and only viewable to people willing to pay for it.

  • In the end, we would like to conclude our tips by stating that you must opt for more video content rather than pictures. Yes, it is one of the ways via which you can avoid IP infringement. Undeniably, numerous platforms get designed to stop someone from screenshotting or directly downloading a file.

You know what? People can still use more sophisticated screenshot apps or take a photo of a screen. But when it comes to videos, these are complex to get stolen. Moreover, a video screenshot comes out with a problematic situation where the quality is nothing but terrible.

Apart from this, you know online videos will reduce the number of places someone can host them. In today’s digitalized era, sharing short clips is accessible on social media.

If, till today, you have been facing significant issues in protecting your fan content, it is highly recommendable that you connect with Fan-Topia. Fan-Topia is a content showcasing platform where you will get freedom and security in equal proportions. All you got to do is- get in touch, and we’ll put you in contact with our trusted partner, who can make sure your photos and videos stay where you want to see them.