What and Who is Fan-Topia.com?

Who and What is Fan-Topia.com?


Our first topic is simply a bit of background – who is Fan-Topia and why are we here against some “stiff” competition?

Fan-Topia was founded in 2020 – right when the world was plummeting into lockdowns and restrictions. Fan-Topia founders knew that people’s income was taking a hit, and hated the fact that the larger platforms took such a huge cut of the creators earning. For those of you who are unaware, the industry pays out at the top end of 80% – right down to a measly 50% on some platforms – after tax, this is pretty painful.

In comes Fan-Topia. With a different approach to content creation than other platforms, Fan-Topia pays out a staggering 92.5% of received funds – plus gives you as the creator extra tools to utilise to make more money (Think the best features of OnlyFans combined with the best features of ManyVids – all while allowing a wide range of content).

Fan-Topia was founded to put more money into creator’s pockets while giving them more tools to earn more. We work with creators of all follower size – we want to see everyone do well!

We also offer ambassador programmes and a referral system (like you have come to expect).

So, what are you waiting for? Come and join us here at Fan-Topia today!