Why Traffic Doesn’t Matter.

This is a pretty bold statement, right? We are asked often “How much traffic do you get?” when creators are looking to join us – unfortunately, the answer may not be what you expect, think… or want to hear.

When this question is asked, it’s usually to see if the platform has traffic that is going to turn into fans – right? But here is where that question will let you down and doesn’t actually give you much information.

Firstly, we pose a question back to you – what’s a good amount of traffic? What number do you want to hear that will make you go “right, I am changing platforms!” – we bet there isn’t actually a number, and here’s why:

Let’s call the platform a “city” and the potential fans are the “traffic”, then lastly your page/profile is a “business” within that city. Now let’s say there are 100 people living in that city. They get up, go to work, eat at their favorite restaurant, go shopping etc., all in the places they know. Your business (your page) is tucked down an ally way, as are all businesses in this city, and all day you sit in your business, waiting for customers. You can see them walking past, but none come and see you – why? No one knows you’re there.

Let’s now expand the city to having 1,000,000 people. Your business is still tucked down the same ally, and day after day you see people walk past and no one comes to see you – again, no one knows you’re there.

Now, keep in mind, this is not a platform issue. Let’s say you’re on OnlyFans, but you never advertise yourself. You simply make a page, upload content and wait for fans… there will be a long wait for any to subscribe. In fact, we open up a challenge to you on an even bigger and more public platform – Instagram. Create a new Instagram account and set it to private – remember, this is free unlike your fans page – now upload some content – BUT, you’re not allowed to add anyone, advertise to anyone or get shout outs (and not allowed to use your contacts!) See how long it will take before someone finds you and requests to follow you.

This is why the platform you’re on, and their traffic isn’t nearly as important as you and your advertising. Your fans and the people who like you are already following you, you have the best audience to market to, they have already put their hand up and said “Yup, I am interested!” – no platform can market to those people better than you.

So if the traffic doesn’t matter, how do you decide what platform to join? You’re most likely doing this for money, right? So join the one with the biggest payout! Don’t sell yourself short. Join Fan-Topia and enjoy 92.5% of received funds! It’s your content, your money!