Why you should start a Fan-Topia in 2021

You’ve probably been wondering how a lot of influencers are monetising and growing their online presence so quickly. The answer for many of them is signing up as a content creator on Fan-Topia. With thousands of new members flooding into the the site, they now have the opportunity to connect with their fans on a more personal level.

No matter what your passion and the size of your fanbase, you can be successful on Fan-Topia. Even if you only have a small following, you can make a great deal of money on the platform. So, if you’re considering starting an account but feeling unsure, here’s why you should start a Fan-Topia in 2021.

Learn how to promote your Fan-Topia account

You can monetise your following and make the most of it

As we all know, it’s extremely hard for many people to grow a social media following. It’s especially difficult when you’re working a 9-5 job, studying full-time, juggling family life or even running a business, as many of our creators do. In addition to this, many platforms expect creators to contend with the algorithm, pay for ads or sell their souls just to get a follow or achieve engagement.

However, with Fan-Topia, you don’t have to deal with any of this! There are no specific times you need to post, no major analytics and no ‘trends’ you’re obliged to jump on, meaning you can be as spontaneous as you like when posting content. Your fans will see in their feed every time you post and they can enjoy a cleaner timeline dedicated to you and the creators they truly want to subscribe to. This means that all eyes are fully engaged on your exclusive content – and you can make money.

It’s free to join and safe to use

You don’t need to pay money to sign up to Fan-Topia because it’s free to join the platform. Fan-Topia is safe to use because your sensitive information (like your name and address) is fully encrypted and your content watermarked.

There are numerous benefits you can enjoy on the platform

There are many ways you can monetise your Fan-Topia account: Base subscription, custom content, tips, DM tipping – with more features to come.

Free social media management


Our tipping feature is automatically added to any post or message. Tips can also be presented to you by your subscribers at any point and they can simply hit the tipping button on your profile if they’re enjoying your content.

As a creator, you have total freedom over your own content

At Fan-Topia, we welcome influencers from a variety of industries (such as food, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel, sport, music, photography and self-love) and we absolutely pride ourselves on giving creators the freedom over their own content. This means that you can be your own boss and post whatever takes your fancy – without many restrictions.