How to Entice Fans

One of the big mistakes we see some creators making, is locking all their content down, and not actually letting people know what content they are producing.

Imagine if you were looking to subscribe, and you had seen someone post about their subscription for exclusive content. You think to yourself “Oh awesome, I can see/hear something others don’t!”. So you head on over and check it out. The subscription is $10/m, and there is no description of what you’re actually subscribing too – would you do it?

Chances are the answer to this question is no. You want certainty on what you’re spending your money on!

This is where a clear bio description comes in handy. You can let people know what they will be getting (and try say how often you will post as well) so they can justify spending that money.

The other feature we offer for you as a creator, is you can make public posts – not locked to subscribers. So when someone new comes along, they can see a sample of your work, allowing them to become hooked into what your producing, and to subscribe to see the exclusive content!

Remember, people want to know what they are spending money on – they want to see value. If they can’t justify spending the money on an unknown factor, they won’t spend the money and you might lose potential subscribers – and we don’t want that!

Stay safe, stay well.