How to move from one platform to another

So in this article we will focus on a question we are asked a bit – the easiest and most efficient way to move from one platform to another – after all, we want you to maintain your income from your content. That’s what we are all about.

So, first things first – make an account at – it’s easy and free. After that, complete your profile. Without this completed, people won’t be able to find you. Once you have done, there are two steps you should take:
1. Upload some public content. This is content that people can see when they visit your profile. While it’s up to you whether or not you use this feature, we recommend it as this allows potential subscribers to get an idea of your content. Think of it as teasers or trailers.
2. Upload some subscriber only content. This obviously is where your money will come from. But without it, you’re not giving people a reason to subscribe.

From here, you might ask “but I don’t want to lose subscribers on the other platforms” – you don’t have to! We don’t recommend closing your old accounts right away – after all, they are earning you money. We recommend that any content you post to another platform, post here as well. This will build your content here, and keep your old subscribers.

To get your subscribers on here, it is like any platform – you have to advertise. You have to let people know that this is where you want them subscribing. We have heard from a few people “Oh, but people only subscribe on Site X” – we ask them or view their profile and see where they advertise to tell people to sign up – guess what? It’s Site X. So of course that’s where people are going to sign up to view your content! So the easiest way to start earning more is:
1. Start letting people know that this is where you want them to subscribe. Post your profile link etc. This will have new subscribers here, and have you earning more from them. Your old subscribers will still be there.
2. Once you have a decent level of content here, tell you old subscribers to come over to help support you more.

It’s that easy!

Short version (TL;DR) – post content on, build your profile and advertise your profile. Profit.