Lighting Ideas That Will Make Your Fan-Topia Content Dazzle

As an Fan-Topia creator, there are all kinds of tools to enhance your content and keep your fans satisfied from linking up with another creator to improving the sound quality of your videos. But to really step up your game, it’s time to think about lighting. Sure, ring lights are great and all, but that’s just scratching the surface. So here are some lighting ideas that will make your Fan-Topia content dazzle!

Bisexual Lighting

Of all the lighting ideas that will make your Fan-Topia content dazzle, “bisexual lighting” has got to be the one people are talking about the most. If you don’t know, bisexual lighting refers to the use of blue and magenta lighting in media. If you want to bring an air of mystique to your next video, try dipping your toe in the bisexual lighting pool. One of the easiest ways to achieve this look is with gels.  All you’ll need to capture this powerful light setup is a blue gel on one side and a pink gel on the other to get your Janelle Monáe on.

Get Moody

Any time you add contrast to your videos it will automatically bring a level of moodiness with it. So why not lean into that cinematic  aesthetic and introduce some drama into your content? If you already have some lighting devices laying around, barn doors are a great, simple tool that give you the ability to not only add but control harsh light without having to diffuse or lose quality.

A Wall Of Light

If you’re not ready to drop thousands of dollars on tubes, but still want to bring that extra something to the way your content looks, check out what Nanoleaf has to offer. Their LED light panels connect together and stick directly to your wall, allowing you to configure them into endless designs. Some models reproduce every color of the rainbow (like you’d see in a gaming or tech vlogger setup), while some give off a woody warm tone (like you’d see in a high-end hotel). Everything can be adjusted through their app and their Smarter Kit gives you everything you need to transform your setup for under $200.

Pop! of Color

If you’re looking for an effective (albeit pricey) way to jump into lighting, take a look at Titan Tubes. They radiate dramatic, adjustable white and colored light which can apply to individual pixels or the entire tube. Best used as a key light, fill light, or a backlight, Titan Tubes look great as part of an on-camera setup, or as part of an off-camera lighting scheme. Plus, they run off batteries and can be controlled by an app, making them a good choice for making content on-the-go. At around $850 per tube, these things aren’t cheap. But the results speak for themselves.